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Snowball - Floam Slime

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A light blue basic slime filled with small white foam beads. It is coated with a white glitter and snowflake sprinkles. Scented with a vanilla scent.

Slime will come in a sturdy screw top container with activator, a care sheet and some little extras.

**Please Note**
Actual colour may vary slightly due to different screen settings.
The slime may arrive a little sticky due to it becoming underactivated in the post. This is normal and to be expected, so we do include a small bag of borax for your slime in case it needs activating on arrival.
Please see the Slime Care section of our store to help with the care of your slime.

Slime Care

Most Important

Wash and dry your hands before and after playing with slime. This will help prolong the life of your slime. As tempting as it is to stick your fingers in your new slime to try it out, we recommend that you make activator first. This way if your slime is a little sticky, you are ready to activate it as needed.

How To Make Activator

Add 1 tsp of the provided activator (borax) to 1 cup of warm water - Mix the solution until it dissolves - Store activator for future use in a sealed container

Sticky Slime

Add activator in small amounts, a few drops at a time! Knead slime until it’s smooth. Slime will stick to dry skin so moisturise hands to help prevent this.

Hard Slime

If it's cold out, your slime may be stiff. Warming it up with your hands will help. You can try adding a little lotion if it's still hard.

Foam Beads - Slushie Beads Falling Out

If you over activate or over inflate your slime this may happen. Let the slime sit for a few days to deactivate itself.

Shrinking Slime

It is normal for slime to shrink/evaporate over time.

Help I have slime on my clothes and in my hair!!

Don't panic! You can melt/deactivate slime with a little vinegar diluted with water.