Why Play With Slime?

  • Did you know that playing with slime activates 4 out of 5 of our senses. It activates our sense of smell, touch, sight and hearing.

  • Playing with slime can help relieve stress and anxiety, as the motions of squeezing and stretching the slime, as well as the sounds and smell can be calming.

  • Slime is not just for kids.

    Adults can play with slime too. Why should the kids have all the fun?

What are the different slime types?

Basic Slimes

A basic slime is the traditional white glue slime. It is easy to play with and has great clicky noises and bubble pops.

Butter Slimes

Butter slimes contain air dry clay which makes them smooth and spreadable. They are great for beginners as they are thick and easy to hold.

Cloud Slimes

Cloud slimes are a white glue slime which is filled with instant snow to create a fluffy cloud like texture that drizzles.

Cloud Creme Slimes

Cloud Creme slimes are thick and creamy, almost like an ice cream! They contain instant snow but not enough to drizzle. They are easy for beginners to hold.

Clear Slimes

Clear slimes are made with clear glue. These are great clicky slimes. When scented clear slimes may be a little cloudy.

Floam Slimes

Floam slimes are filled with foam beads to make a crunchy texture slime.

Jelly Slimes

Jelly slimes are made with a clear glue and contain instant snow which gives it a thick jelly like texture.

Jelly Cube Slimes

Jelly Cube slimes are traditionally clear based slimes which contain foam cubes. Popping these cubes creates a fun new texture for the slime.

Slushie Slimes

Slushie slimes are filled with slushie beads which gives the slime a crunchy texture. These slimes need to be kept a little sticky to help hold the beads in.

Mooey Gooey Slimes was established in 2019 by a young Australian slime lover and her mother

Our much loved recipes have created beautiful artisan slimes for our customers to enjoy, all over Australia and internationally

Mooey Gooey Slimes are available here and at our Etsy store